Going Platinum

The two buzz words you'll hear a lot in the upcoming months are a return to the "Timeless Classics" in the world of fashion -- (especially while the stock markets search for a reset button). And expect Jewelry purchases to add some of it's own extra "Bling, Bling" value in 2009.

The right Jewelry purchases, those that increase in value over time -- will also no doubt play heavily into those new purchases.

Since the dawn of time our precious metals has long been a safe haven during lean times. Enter that here-to-say popularity of platinum in the luxury fashion sectors.

W Magazine , Wedding Channel and Preciousplatinum.com have all recently touted the benefits of Platinum.

Just the facts, ma'am: A recent survey shows Platinum engagement rings and wedding bands, are usually the first choice for brides.

Because it's a pure and naturally white metal, unlike white gold that isn't really white, platinum will enhance the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Platinum won't fade or tarnish over time. Platinum holds stones more securely, which is why the world's most important diamonds are always set into platinum. Just ask the HOPE Diamond who has her set.