Norman Love Confections and Partida Tequila!

Treat your loved one to Norman Love Confections for Valentines! With more than 35,000 individually hand-painted morsels created fresh daily, you'll have plenty of variety to choose from! Sweets include dark, white and milk chocolate, truffles, sugar-free treats, pralines, chocolate covered fruits and other scintillating morsels.

Chef, President and Founder Norman Love has spent his lifetime in the kitchen. After spending 13 years as overseer of the worldwide corps of pastry chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Love created his company in 2001. Norman Love Confections' accolades include being named one of the top 10 artisan chocolate companies in the country by USA Today in 2002 and 2005, named in the top three confectioners by CNN/Money (2004) and Consumer Reports (2005), and selected as one of "10 star chocolate makers" by Saveur magazine in 2006.

Norman Love Confections are sculptures of art, coming in different colors, shapes and sizes. Each and every bite is made from only premium ingredients, and their shelf life lasts until about there weeks. Individual pieces generally cost under $2, with gift boxes ranging from $40 to $100. Whether you say it with a pistachio truffle, vanilla cupcake, ├ęclaire or key lime pie, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell someone just how much you sweeten their life!

As if Norman Love Confections weren't enough of an indulgence for your Valentine, treat them to a top notch pairing to wash the sweets down with: Partida Tequila Anejo! For those tired of toasting with wine or champagne, Partida Tequila Anejo brings an extra special experience to dessert. Partida Tequila is an authentic estate-grown premium tequila, made from 100% blue agave in the heart of Mexico's historic tequila region. Partida Tequila Anejo is aged 18 months and exhibits a depth of flavor that is clean and full bodied. It is an intense golden color with ochre and copper tones and should be savored slowly, with a fruity aroma and flavors of spices and dried fruits and almond.

The extraordinary dark cocoa inside of Norman Love Confections highlights the cinnamon and butterscotch flavors of Partida Tequila Anejo. With a perfect pairing combination like this, your loved one will fall in love with you all over again!