CIPHER 2008 Fall/Holiday collection

Created in 2003 as a casual skateboard footwear brand in L.A, CIPHER is an international urban lifestyle brand offering designer products for an emerging group of international hipsters and global lifestyle connoisseurs. Now based in the world city of Hong Kong, where international metropolitan living manifests the
dynamic fusion of East and West culture, CIPHER is an expression of life in the brave new world

The 2008 Fall/Holiday collection will debut in November 2008 at Lane Crawford stores across Hong Kong. A reflection of the nouveau urban cool, the collection embodies elements of contemporary art, streetwear culture, high fashion, and is constructed from environmentally friendly materials. CIPHER shoes are available in 3 different styles, in a range of colours, each with its own story and attitude; Seditionary, Subterranean and Libertine.

Inspired by the famous retail location founded by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren. The Seditionary is an interpretation of the roots of Punk music, meant for people of bold style ambitions and a sense of cultural nostalgia.
The Punk movement of the late 70’s inspires each Seditionary colourway; from Bondage
Black to Siouxie Pink each shoe is the embodiment of the icons of the time.
High-grade perforated sustainable uppers, or crossed hand stitching characterizes each model. Customized in a proprietary metal buckle, coated in environmentally friendly nickel, 0.5 Gold Micron, or Palladium plating; accenting the exterior with a clean and unique attitude. Available in 5 colors; Black Quilt, White with Black Quilt, Metallic Pink, White and Metallic Silver and retails for US$199.

Inspired by the fluid dynamic movement of the fathers of the “Beat” generation;
The Subterranean is a manifestation of the underground intellectual movement
that stirred the American cultural awakening of the 1950’s and beyond.
The latest addition to the CIPHER family, the Subterranean is a fusion of high
fashion, functionality, and comfort. CIPHER has created a luxurious footwear
experience for people of dynamic lifestyles. Each shoe features high-grade
environmentally sustainable uppers and interiors accented and embossed foot
harnesses for security and style. Available in 3 colors; Black, Metallic Silver and White and retails for US$165.

The 2008 Libertine is inspired by the (in)famous author Oscar Wilde and his treatise on aesthetics with a street culture edge. The Libertine is an ode to the flamboyant one-upmanship of urban-street culture fused with the luxuries of high fashion.
Following the ethos of the great writer and icon, the Libertine is fashioned from imported vividly colored silks and the interiors are lined in butter smooth premium sustainable materials. The simplicity of the design coupled with its daring colours is a testament to your discerning taste and sophisticated bravado.
Available in 4 colors; Pink, Orange, Purple and Blue Satin,
and retails for US$170.