albedo HL 2.2

It is the first product of the new Albedo generation and is the result of years of research in the field of transmission line systems. With two-way ceramic drivers, elegant and unmistakable unique design it stands as the flagship of the new generation of the Albedo team products. The design objective was to embody in a very compact floor standing loudspeaker, the best available technology for hi-fi home entertainment. The external appearance, which is dictated by the basic principles of acoustics and enriched by a luxurious and precious finishing in the best made-in-Italy tradition, hides a highly innovative project, capable of making the daily listening experience uniquely superb and enjoyable. This is not one of the usual odd shaped speakers that invade the space of your home and are tolerated only because of the function they perform, but rather a contributor to make the home space more warm, cosy and suited to your lifestyle.