This anthology chronicles the history and transformations of this fabric through 400 illustrated pages. In this informative, entertaining homage, one can relive the grand classics and extreme permutations of this “second skin.” An amazing journey from prehistoric caves to the houses of haute couture, Leather recounts the history of man's most versatile fabric, featuring such iconic pieces as the black leather jacket, aviator gear, and Inuits’ parkas, as well as staples of the contemporary wardrobe.

Leather has been covering human bodies since hefty pelts first protected prehistoric cave-dwellers. Since then, we have chiseled leather into an infinite number of different forms, and today, top designers create stunning leather pieces crafted as finely as precious jewels. A living material that is sculpted by the body's own habits, leather has run the gamut of fashion styles in the 20th century, and is able to represent innumerable attitudes, from the tough virility of the Hells Angels to the sleek elegance of a smooth thigh boot.