Thomas Lyte Art Insider - how to find the next Banksy

The Art Insider is an on-line art-investment club is all about how to make money in the Contemporary art world – and will
range from revealing the emerging street artists to where to find a Damien
Hirst for £1,000. Compared to the stock market slow-down, the Contemporary
art market has continued to boom – and the idea of The Art Insider is to bring clever art investment tips to everyone. A Banksy five years ago would have been £200 which is possibly worth over £20,000 now – there are new artists out there to look out for, which cost a few £100 now, and are worth investing in.

Working with luxury brand Thomas Lyte (who as you know also have been working hard on The Thomas Lyte Modern Heritage Award with The Craft Council), it is written by a London collector who has made over £1million in three years thanks to his collection of Banksy's, Murakami's and Failes which he has gradually built over this short time. The first 200 subscribers will be eligible to win a signed Takashi Murakami print worth £1,000. The Thomas Lyte Art Insider is a subscription only online members club and will include access to biweekly features, and regular news stories on the latest sales and auctions. Membership will be available on www.thomaslyte.com.