Gentry Eagle Yacht To Be Redesigned By Thierry Mugler

The Gentry Eagle will be reborn through the vision and tremendous creativity of internationally acclaimed fashion and perfume designer, Thierry Mugler. The first to come in the Weyves Couture collection of yachts designed and signed by top fashion designers in the industry: high fashion meets the high seas.

With the Gentry Eagle, the world’s fastest yacht, as his canvas, Mugler will bring to life his creative visions alongside Weyves Yachts interior designer Eva Cadio to design the quintessential bespoke yacht.

Presently on the market for sale through Weyves Yachts, its exclusive broker, the yacht’s fusion of speed and power with absolute opulence will make this vessel a truly unique possession for any owner to have in their fleet and one of the most highly desirable vessels to exist on the seas.

The Gentry Eagle was engineered and built by racing legend Tom Gentry who went on to set nearly every powerboat speed record. This monumental vessel shattered the transatlantic crossing record in 1989 completing the journey from Ambrose Lighthouse at the entrance to New York Harbour to Bishop Rock on England's Isles of Scilly 62 hours & 7 minutes. In his victory, Tom, along with Norman Gentry, took the Blue Ribbon away from the British airline and music tycoon Richard Branson of Virgin.

The vessel has an impressive 11,500 horsepower and a top speed of 73 mph. She measures 112' in length and is fitted with twin 3,480 horsepower MTU turbo diesels coupled with a 4,500 horsepower turbine combined to propel her to over 63 knots (70+ mph). Fuel capacity is 9,800 gallons with a cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles.

The matchmaking of Gentry Eagle and Thierry Mugler is one of several design projects to come from the Weyves Couture. Weyves has partnered with Agent de Luxe president and former president of 25 years for Jean Paul Gaultier, Donald Potard, who represents more than 80 of the world’s leading fashion and interior designers.

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