Bill Amberg ‘Shuttle’ briefcase

Since the foundation of the brand in 1984, the name of Bill Amberg, the Notting Hill-based leather designer and specialist has become synonymous with effortless, authentic British style. Known for the highest standards of craftsmanship and ingenious, intuitive design, he has created some of the industry’s most iconic pieces – and this exquisite ‘Shuttle’ briefcase promises to be another. Quite apart from its impeccably-crafted alligator exterior, its plush padded suede interior and its super-light single caste aluminium handle – each with 2 Swarovski crystals embedded in them, it has a unique ball plunger closing mechanism that took 18 months to finesse. Every concertina opening of the ‘Shuttle’ is a joyous event.. Only 10 editions will ever be made.