Luxurious Airborne Cruise Ships

Worldwide Aeros Corp, the Aeroscraft manufacturer and world’s leader in FAA-certified lighter-than-air vehicles, announced it has entered into an agreement with hospitality design firm Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG) for the interior design of a new generation of airborne cruise ships.

Igor Pasternak, President, said, “Worldwide Aeros is center stage in developing a radically new transportation infrastructure – Aeroscraft airships -- that will carry leisure travelers and cargos across vast oceans to remote locations. To design the interiors of those airships, we’ve chosen the world’s leading design consultant for the hospitality and leisure industries, namely WATG.”

According to Howard J. Wolff, senior vice president of WATG, “The Aeroscraft will revolutionize leisure travel. Our designs for airborne travelers will rival the luxury cabins of the world’s greatest ocean liners and will feature all the latest technological amenities. This remarkable new form of transportation will appeal to millions of retiring baby boomers who are interested in luxurious and unique travel experiences.”