Hedi Slimane: London Birth of a Cult

Over the past year Pete Doherty's life has epitomised the trajectory of a true rock 'n roll legend. Following a fraught departure from The Libertines, he has been vilified and cast as a scapegoat for conservative political posturing. A feeding frenzy of press coverage was precipitated by his dating Kate Moss, charges of robbery, blackmail, and carrying a knife, jail time, rehab, and admissions that he had been a prostitute and drug dealer. All of this overwhelms the most interesting aspect of the 26 year old musician's life--in a business dominated by manufactured mediocre talents, he is a true original, a charismatic frontman, songwriter, and performer. The past two years of Doherty's life are captured here in photographs taken by Dior Homme fashion designer Hedi Slimane.

Hedi Slimane: London Birth of a Cult (Paperback)